Technology transforms our world

I recently read a review for a class about a book, which argues that the developments in information and communication technology in the last 70 years, don’t measure up to the achievements of 1870-1940. I became determined to argue against it. I agree that the Great Inventions created the most notable transformation that the U.S. has ever experienced, but they also led to the Internet, computers, and smartphones, which created a transformation of its own.

I want to create a blog that is all about current technological advancements, but that also looks into past inventions that have led us to where we are today. I hope to cover everything from the most minor inventions such as the wireless Airpods to more important medical discoveries. My intention isn’t to use this blog to prove Robert J. Gordon wrong about his book, The Rise and Fall of American Growth. It is just to shed light on how fast technology is changing these days and how current advancements could one day lead to an even greater transformation in a field such as medicine. Maybe these next 70 years will be more comparable to the Great Inventions of the past.

For my blog, I will use news sites such as and and magazines such as I will also look into blogs such as and I will also track news@northeastern at to see what our university has been finding in science and technology.


About ishasinghal

My name is Isha Singhal and I am from Andover, Massachusetts. I am a senior at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and I am majoring in Journalism and minoring in Art. This blog contains my assignments for my Journalism class, but it might also occasionally display pieces that I write on my own time. Those extra features will most likely expose you to my inner foodie and world traveler.
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