Tech Tweets: 10 handles to follow

I am not new to Twitter, but I am by no means an expert. I used it for class my freshman year but I never went back to it because I was avoiding getting hooked onto a new platform full of distractions. Nonetheless, it was always a great outlet for the news.

For this blog, I will follow a variety of news organizations, tech experts, scientists and hospitals. My list will likely transform as I get accustomed to what kind of information is being tweeted and as I come across new accounts. But for now I intend to follow:

  1. @MassGeneral News: Mass General Hospital is known to be the #1 hospital in the nation and it will be a great source because of its biomedical research facility.
  2. @BostonChildrens: Boston Children’s Hospital is known to be the #1 children’s hospital in the nation and they are constantly tweeting about their research and innovation.
  3. @WIRED: Wired Magazine solely focuses on coverage of current trends and the future of technology and how they will impact every other sector of life, such as business and entertainment.
  4. @TEDTalks: TED Talks cover an array of topics but they often deal with the latest in science and technology. One TED talk alone would provide great in-depth coverage on a story.
  5. @robertherjavec: Robert Herjavec is the CEO of Herjavec Group, a global IT security firm, and an investor on Shark Tank. His expertise is in the technology startup world and he has a track record of investing in entrepreneurs who focus on the technology field.
  6. @MIT: I will already be using MIT’s biotech blog as a source, but because it is a world leader in research, it couldn’t hurt to follow the twitter account also. The students and faculty are constantly sharing their progress and advancements.
  7. @TechCrunch: More than the blog, I think the twitter account will keep me up to date on the latest. As a leading technology blog, Tech Crunch it is a reliable source and will be my go-to when I stray from biomedical technology.
  8. @BiotechNews: Biotech News shares only the latest news related to the biotech industry. In other words, it covers exactly what I want my blog to be about.
  9. @ForbesTech: Forbes Tech News shares information about all areas of technology. It will help me with both, the medical side of my blog and the occasional random technology post.
  10. @nytimesbits: The New York Times is a must have. In order for me to get anything out of the broad scope of news they cover, I decided to follow NYTimes Bits, which only covers tech news and analysis.

About ishasinghal

My name is Isha Singhal and I am from Andover, Massachusetts. I am a senior at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and I am majoring in Journalism and minoring in Art. This blog contains my assignments for my Journalism class, but it might also occasionally display pieces that I write on my own time. Those extra features will most likely expose you to my inner foodie and world traveler.
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